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Founded in Kampala in 2008 based on ‘made-from-scratch’ principles. Chefette Catering Ltd (CCL) continues to bake delicious products delivered fresh daily. CCL trading as Chefette Bakers™ is a family-run business, operating mainly in Kampala but growing steadily every day. We serve as a local customer favorite.

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Category of available items

Our products are distinguished into three main categories that have been carefully assorted for you to make the most amazing choice.

Sliced Bread

  • Brown Bread
  • Sweet Bread
  • Salt Bread

Specialised Bread

  • Buns
  • Original 8 Grain Bread
  • Wholemeal Bread


  • Sweet ring doughnuts
  • Dunking donettes
  • Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

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Chefette Bakers focuses on the consumer market supplying to the urban areas of Kampala and immediate suburbs as well as the major satellite towns of Jinja, Mukono and Entebbe. Within the different product groups, Chefette Bakery consistently continues to hold a strong sales position in Kampala, Entebbe, Mukono and Jinja.

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